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5 Online Solutions That Can Benefit Potential Clients

As a website designer/developer company, there are numerous online solutions that we can and have successfully created for clients, which are:

1. A brochure site

This is a website that helps client display information about their company or about an individual and make it easy for online visitors to contact them.

2. An e-commerce site

Client can sell products or services to anyone in the internet world and easily accept payment be it manual transfer (cash deposit), Paypal or using a payment gateway (debit/credit card). This saves a lot time for both seller and buyer.

3. A listing site

List any type of listing be it selling stuff like mudah.my, listing of IT professionals like cariproit.com or even real estate listing like iproperty.com.

Clients can make money by charging a premium feature.


4. A news site

Create or curate any type of news site you can think of. Be it world news, political news or entertainment news. You can generate income from ad revenues like Adsense or other paid ads.

5. Booking site

Travel, hotel or car booking site. Visitors can browse through a listing and place a booking. 

Example : http://booking.com

6. Crowdfunding site

 This is a website that helps fund a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. We create an easy platform for people to fund projects that interest them.

In summary, there are many other online solutions that we can create for the benefit of our clients and help make the online world a better place.