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M.Shafarin Ghani

M. Shafarin Ghani collates two equally difficult concerns, to visualize the sound of music and to intone the timbre of colors. It would seem that to do that he must first portray a notion of space within which to display such collations, with the verve and drama they deserve.

Hence, the first requirement is that he empties his canvas from unnecessary flourishes or unconnected references that would tend to clutter. He inserts instead the wavy forms, the undulation of cloud formations, as a way of suggesting the deepest of depths, in which he articulates how sounds can in fact be painted.

He does so by using a selected number of basic colors: blue, red, yellow, black, and white, with which to give form to melody, to concertize an abstraction. Undulations, transitions, contrast, recessions, progressions are the tools he employs, resulting in a set of imagery of minimal goings-on but, paradoxically, imparting maximal impact. They appear like an oasis of swirling brightness in the vast still desert of emptiness.

M Shafarin Ghani is less than sure if this is the best way to see sounds and hear colors. He is sure, however, that he must come up with a solution, no matter how temporary. And, for the time being, this is his.